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In Time Launch of your Fintech, Logistics, ERP, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency project. We don`t just code, we solve your business needs!

Why us

  • Ninja style - the mission will be accomplished, you can just enjoy the delivery and the demos
  • Care about relationships. “Clients for life” and “same boat” approach
  • Close collaboration - the more you`re involved the better the result is
  • Deliver 101% result with Agile
  • Great at remote work with various time zones
  • Our developers are fluent in English and learn skills extremely fast

Company Profile

  • Providing development services starting from 2016
  • Headquarters and R&D in Ukraine, sales office in the USA
  • 80+ team members (Senior 30%, Middle 55%, Junior 15%) and keep on growing
  • Best IT employer in Ukraine by the most trusted Ukrainian IT resource
  • UpWork Premium Agency with $2M+ income and 99% client satisfaction
  • 50+ satisfied clients with 70+ projects launched

We are a team of Ninja Developers focused on JavaScript. We deliver complex web and mobile applications development using React, React Native, Angular.js, Ionic, Vue.js, TypeScript, Node.js


  • Development and CTO as a Service
  • End-To-End product development for Startups (outsourcing)
  • Extending your current development team (outstaffing)

Need a fast and effective MVP launch? Need a consultancy for your startup?

Codemotion to the rescue!


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